Top 20 Super-Easy Beginner French Phrases


I’m partial to listening to French CD’s while I’m ironing, in the car, cooking, or even at work.  Listening to audio CD’s in French help you learn word syntax and maintain a flawless French accent, both of which are crucial to speaking French fluently and in such a way that other French or French-native-speaking people can converse intelligently with you.I’d like to help you get started learning beginner French.  Here’s some of my favorite French phrases that are the most common and necessary terms to know.  Who knows, you might even recognize some of them as having a use in the English language as well!Simple answers:Yes = OuiNo = NonOkay (I agree with you) = D’accordWhy = PourquoiHow = CommentWhen greeting someone:Hello = Salut, or AlloGood day = BonjourGood evening = BonsoirGood night = Bonne nuitWhen meeting someone for the first time:My name is ___ : Je m’appelle ___What is your name? = Comment vous appellez-vous?Pleased to meet you = EnchanteWhen asking someone’s forgiveness or pardon:Pardon me = Pardon moiExcuse me = Excusez-moiI’m so sorry = Je suis desoleeSorry = Desolee/PardonWhen ordering a meal or asking for something:Please = S’il vous plaitThank you = MerciYou’re welcome = De rienWhen all else fails…I don’t know = Je ne sais pasSo there you have it.  These are some of the most commonly used words in the French language that you will need to master if you are going to survive while traveling in France, ordering at a French restaurant, or speaking with a French person.  These not only make you sound intelligent, they are also fun to say.  You might draw a little bit of humorous critique from nearby listeners as you learn to say each word, but don’t worry, you’ll catch on, just like I did.But that brings me to the next most important step in learning beginner French.  You need a guide that will help you learn French the right way and dispell any habits you might already have and prevent any new ones from creeping up.  I’m not talking about a real live French teacher; I’m talking about an audio program that will help you learn the accent, the word combinations, and proper sentence structure so you can speak like a real French native.Source: Free Articles from

So are you ready to learn beginner French? Here at, you can learn about what I believe is the best program for learning French without having to spend a lot of money, invest hour upon hour of your precious time, or get frustrated in the learning process.  Adieu, and bonne chance learning beginner French!