The 5 Reasons Why Pizza Is America’s Favorite Food


Americans eat about 3 billion pizzas a year in restaurants, and that doesn’t even count all of the ones made at home or frozen pies from the grocery store. Without a doubt, it’s one of America’s favorite foods. This delicious dish worked its way from the streets of Napoli to every small town in America in less than 100 years. Why is this dish so popular? Here are five reasons.Cheap And Easy To EatPizza is cheap and easy to eat. Nothing satisfies for so little cash. This is why a slice and a salad is the perfect lunch break. It’s something quick and easy that tastes great and fills you up. It’s sold everywhere and you can usually get a big slice for just a couple of dollars.A Communal Eating ExperienceMost American foods like hamburgers and hot dogs are solitary meals. Pizza can be a solitary meal, but it can also be a great communal dish. It’s a cheap way for 3 or 4 people to eat together. It’s also great for parties and kids love it. A couple of pies can make lots of small tummies happy.Variety Is The Spice Of LifeThe concept is simple — baked bread with sauce, cheese and toppings. But the potential is limitless. You can find versions with all kinds of toppings, cheeses and crust types out there. Across the United States there are well over 30 different regional variations, including everything from the DC jumbo slice to the Hawaiian, which has pineapple on it. You can try a different style every day of the month and never get bored.Great With BeerA hot slice goes perfectly with beer. The day of the year when Americans order the most is Super Bowl Sunday. It’s also a favorite for bars and for an after bar snack to soak up the alcohol. It must be something about the cheese’s saltiness and the refreshing flavor of beer.Get Creative!The cool thing about this meal is that you can make your own pie and do it your own way. You can make your materials from scratch or buy what you like ready-made from the grocery store. You can add whatever toppings you like and bake it until it’s perfect for you. There’s a lot more potential to experiment with pizzas than with hamburgers. And you’ll be surprised at how many of your experiments work to create a wonderful new pie recipe!Pizza may have come from Italy, but it has quickly become a staple of the American dinner table. It gives parents something easy and tasty to serve kids, and it offers an easy lunch option for workers. People of all ages and all walks of life love this simple Italian dish and there are good reasons why.
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