Low GI Diet Recipes for Weight Loss – Effective Way to Lose Weight


Carbohydrates can constitute a great problem for those wanting to lose weight. It is hard to differentiate between good carbs and bad carbs and many people find themselves confused, not knowing anymore whether to eat carbs or not. The glycemic index or GI is here to help because it ranks carbs depending on the effect they have on our body. As long as the GI is under 55, it means that those carbs are good for the body and are recommended to be consumed by those who attempt to lose weight. They don’t suddenly increase the level of glucose in our blood and they release the energy gradually, keeping us alert for a longer period of time. High glycemic foods are actually messing with our body because the blood sugar raises and drops significantly during short periods of time.This being the case, a natural question comes to everybody’s lips: how to incorporate low GI foods into the daily diet and are there low GI diet recipes for weight loss? The answer is a definite yes. There are plenty of low GI diet recipes for weight loss and some of them are incredible easy to make at home. You can choose from a variety of recipes and you can prepare yourself delicious meals, whether we are talking about breakfast, lunch, dinner or just a snack. Take for example oatmeal pancakes. They are one of the easiest things you can do in your own kitchen and even a complete novice can do them. All you have to do is mix half a cup of oatmeal with 6 egg withes and a tablespoon of fruits spread (whatever fruits you please). Once you have done this, spray a pan with oil and cook the pancakes for about five minutes on each side. They make a great breakfast that will provide you with energy for the entire morning. There are also low GI diet recipes for weight loss that can be prepared for dinner or for lunch such as baked fish stew. You can use whatever type of white fish you desire and you need about 1 lb. Also take 4 carrots, 12 new potatoes and an onion and chop them. Place the fish in a cooking dish sprayed with oil after you have cut it in pieces, put the vegetables around it, add salt, pepper and also around 2 tablespoons of lemon juice and bake everything for an hour. You can serve it with cheese on top of it and with fresh parsley. Low GI diet recipes for weight loss are suitable for every meal and are also delicious. Enjoy!

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