Learn French Phrases If You Want To Find The Eiffel Tower


French speakers sound like their words are formed in back of their noses and come out of their throat.  What appeals to most people is the European twang that identifies a French speaker from any other speaker.  The French sound like native Southerners speaking European.  The French language has an easily identifiable sound that marks the language without the listener having to know that it is French.  If you take a group of American tourists and have either Italian or Spanish speakers speak rapidly for two minutes and ask them to identify the language, they will probably have to stop and actually think.  But have a French speaking French for two minutes and the response is immediate.  The added nuance of French is in the pronunciation and inflection.  Why haven’t the other romance languages picked up the singular style of language that is the signature of French?  Ask any French person, and they can tell you.  But, if you are a tourist in France and want to find the Eiffel Tower, don’t even bother with parlez vous monsieur can you tell me where that tower that I am pointing to is?  Because he will think that you can actually talk French, and you will get directions to finding that little bridge only you won’t know what he is talking about, and you will have to follow his pointing finger.  French is spoken by many people in Europe as a second language.  French is taught in American high schools by instructors who seem to have a problem speaking English.  And, the phrase you don’t want to say without being absolutely sure of what you have been told is oui monsieur!Source: Free Articles from ArticlesFactory.com

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