How to make jewellery at home with French Wire

In this article, I will teach you simple and easy way to make bracelets using gold French wire. I will also tell you, where to buy high-quality French wire at the lowest cost.

Material you need to make jewellery at home

Where to buy French Wire and other beading supplies

Gold French Wire is widely used in making jewellery. You can easily buy high-quality Golden French Wire and other beading supplies at is the largest online wholesale supplier of high-quality Gold French Wire. You can also buy French Wire in numerous colors and sizes. If you like any other color then go ahead and use the one you like. I love simply love the elegant and professional look Gold French Wire gives to my jewellery pieces.

The best thing about buying French wire from is that you can get different styles in gold french wire like cut, spiral, dna structure, double twisted, double color, smooth and they come in 1mm, 2mm, 3mm and 4mm diameters. You can easily choose the style and size that fits your requirement.

If you wish to add beads in you jewellery then you can easily choose from wide range of beading supplies at You can find seed beads, delica beads, metal charms, metal beads, bugle beads, ceramic beads, faceted round beads, faceted briolette beads, and natural stone beads.

How to make bracelet using Gold French Wire

Voila! You are done.