Hot Dog Recipes


Everyone loves hot dogs and with Halloween just around the corner there are sure to be plenty of gatherings where hot dog recipes will be needed. So if you have a party planned for this Halloween let’s take a look at some ideas for you to tempt your guest taste buds. Of course there is the traditional hotdog to start with which can be boiled, fried or even Bar Be cued and placed in a bread roll with mustard or ketchup plastered all over it, but the hot dog is very versatile and here are just a few ideas for you to think about.If you are having a large gathering with many guests then food will play an important part of the evening these hot dog recipes are designed to be appetizers or delicious snacks for a serve yourself buffet. Cocktail wieners are always a big hit at parties because they can be placed on plates or just eaten straight from the stick, and if they have pineapple, cheese olives or even toasted marshmallow placed on the stick your guests will just love to pick at them. Alternatively you could cook them slowly in a chili sauce and serve them in bread buns topped off with onions, grated cheese and tomatoes. If you plan on having hot dogs for the main evening event then there are plenty of ideas for you to try, you could create the hot dog recipes of the windy city Chicago, using beef dogs and filling the buns with all sorts of delicious foods including dill pickles, mustard and boiled onions.  Or you could dip them in a batter and fry them until the batter is nice and golden brown then just serve on a bed of lettuce for effect.Hot dogs are the favorite snack food of America with billions being consumed every year. At parties, sports events and family gatherings all over the country, there are many hot dog recipes online to inspire your imagination if you are looking for something different from the traditional hot dog. So for your party this year have some consideration for the popular hot dog and find some great recipes to fill your guests with the tastiest dogs they have ever had. Cocktail or regular size dogs can all be made into recipes that will send your guests’ home happy and full. Source: Free Articles from

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