Give Yourself A French Manicure Design

Finding the perfect French manicure designs can be an obsession for many women. There are so many designs to choose from and some can look absolutely amazing.

This type of manicure is now taking on a whole new look with many doing a black French manicure, which is the tips of the nails painted black instead of white.

There is the American manicure, a popular choice; it is a softer version of the French manicure. The tip of the nail is a softer, creamier color and gives a more natural look.

The American manicure also has the nail shaped to your fingernails, whereas the French manicure nail tip is filed straight across giving a more squared look.

To achieve a French manicure, you apply white nail polish to the tips of the nail and the rest of the nails are painted in a sheer nail polish, pale pink or light beige nail polish.

The French manicure looks great no matter what length your nails are. You don’t have to have long fingernails.

Many will argue that the French manicure is coming to an end but I beg to differ, in fact it is as popular today as it ever was. No matter where you go, you are bound to see someone sporting this type of manicure. It is a timeless, dateless manicure and suits the young to the old and gives your fingernails a beautiful look.

With practice you can do this type of manicure yourself, usually though, many women will go to a salon to have it done. Just be careful the salon you are going to has a good reputation. Be wary of salons that do not clean their equipment as you are liable to catch a fungus infection, and you don’t want this to happen as it can take months to clear up.

There are many salons which will use an airbrush machine to give the tip of the nail a smooth line for doing the white tips. The airbrush machine can also be used to create some amazing, wonderful designs.

You can always buy a manicure pen and do your own white tips at home, the manicure pen is also good for doing touch ups. If you have an artistic streak, you can do your own designs.

There are many manicure kits on the market to help you do your own at home. I have one of these and have enjoyed a lazy Sunday afternoon doing my own fingernails. Weddings are a popular choice for having a manicureComputer Technology Articles, and there are some wonderful designs you can have done for a wedding.