French Language Immersion:Know The Best Way To Master French


Is the best learn French method a complete immersion in a French country? Do you believe this? This is what we are going to demonstrate in this article.A long time ago, the best method to learn French was to spend some time directly in France, Canada or Switzerland.Today, the Internet is a powerful way to learn French effectively, and you don’t need to spend all this money. You know, airfare, hotels, meals, etc…You can now become fluent in French (and any other language by the way) without moving from your sweet home! How cool is that?Let’s compare three different methods…The first one is your local community class. There are two main disadvantages:a. Obviously, no native speaker is present in the class..b. it may be an expensive courseThe second method to learn French is a complete immersionMany people claim that it is the absolute best way to learn a foreign language?I don’t think so. I’ve seen this in many countries where people speak different languages, and this doesn’t make any difference.And very often, those who are stronger in the language spent less time in the country and speak better!The real problem is your “teacher”. If you have the right teacher, it doesn’t matter where you are located, you will speak well, no matter the language you are trying to learn.Another method (I like it) is phone conversations with a native French speaker (via skype for example)Bottom line is that if you are really motivated, and you have the real teacher, it doesn’t matter where you are learning French.Let’s wrap up…The best learn French method is the following (and it works with any language):1. Get the right teacher2. MotivationIf these two factors are put together, mastering the French language becomes inevitable.
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