Foods to Fight Acne Breakouts

For years people have been saying
that pizza, French fries, chips, cookies and junk foods cause acne breakouts.
In actuality there is no proven evidence that shows the connection to specific
foods causing acne. Eating unhealthy carbohydrates sets off a chain reaction
within the body causing the release of insulin, changing hormone levels in the
body, which increases oil production and cellular multiplication. Increased
sebum and cellular turnover can clog pores causing blackheads, zits and
pimples. That’s why it’s important to eat a healthy diet rich in essential

foods we eat can clear up your complexion and prevent common skin troubles such
as acne. Foods acne fighting powers come from its nutrients, vitamins, and
mineral content.  Zinc, carotenoids,
vitamin A and fiber all help to cure and prevent acne. By eating foods rich in
these nutrients you can resolve your acne problems. The food you put inside
your body is more important than the creams and cleansers you put on your face.
The next time you breakout fill your fridge with acne fighting foods and watch
your skin become smooth, clear and clean.


Zinc- Zinc has been used to clear up acne for decades. It
reduces inflammation in the skin, which cause acne to appear red and swollen.
In addition to shrinking pimples it slows the production of sebum and reduces
shine on the skin. Less oil production prevents more acne breakouts form
forming. Great sources of zinc include almonds, pumpkin seeds, chickpeas, baked
beans, oysters and beef.


Carotenoids- In the body carotenoids are turned into vitamin
A. Vitamin A attacks blemishes, acne and pimples. Many topical acne ointments
have vitamin A in them, however they work better from the inside out rather
than from the outside in. Vitamin A fights acne by reducing inflammation,
encouraging natural exfoliation through cell turnover and strengthening skins
defenses against bacteria. Vitamin A keeps pores clean and clear and less prone
to clog up causing pimples. Foods full of carotenoids include mango, cantaloupe,
carrots, sweet potatoes, tomatoes and spinach.


Fiber- High fiber foods take longer for the body to
breakdown than white starches. Foods high in fiber keep blood sugar and insulin
levels steady. Unhealthy carbohydrates such as white bread, cookies, and
pastries cause the pancreas to release insulin, which changes the body’s
hormone levels and stimulates oil production. Replace refined carbohydrates for
high fiber grains. Good sources of fiber include brown rice, whole grains
bread, popcorn, and baby spinach.