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If you’re in the mood for being arrogant, throwing insults at your friends and family and indulging in other French stereotypes, then why not throw a French theme party?A French theme party is also your chance to listen to bad music, drink wine and eat cheese on French loaf. For some ideas to make your French theme party incredible, see below:The best part of a French theme party is the costumes. Guys; think black and white horizontal stripy tops, French berets, little beards, thin moustache and an onion necklace. Try and go a week or two without showering or shaving before the party.For the ladies, you can dress up very similar, it will be very funny! Though if i were you I would still take a shower! You could also opt for a Marie Antoinette or a French maid look.For decorations, get plenty of red, white and blue balloons to represent the 3 colors of the French tricolor. Also get a large French flag to hang on the wall. Set up a photo area in front of the flag so your guests can have their photos taken.I would try and make your room look like a French cafe. So get plenty of wooden tables and chairs, put fresh flowers around the place etc. Get some models of the Eiffel Tower and the Champs Elysees. You can also make displays from your food around the room.Think about hiring a French artist or a mime artist to make your party memorable and unique.For food, you could have plenty of hors d’oeuvres, placing them on a table and allowing your guests to help themselves. Or you could concentrate on French cheese and fine wine. Either way you should think about hiring a wine expert or a French chef!
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I hope you have taken some inspiration and ideas from our French Theme Party ideas. I also have lots more French Theme Party ideas to help you make your party more enjoyable for yourself and your guests. Have fun!