Beginner French: How to Count to 20 in French


Your challenge is to learn the following beginner French words and start using them in your everyday life.  Since they’re all numbers, you can think of them in terms of dollars, quantities, today’s date, someone’s age, or how many M&M’s you just ate.  Any way you look at it, there’s always a practical way to apply the French language to learn it quickly and easily!The following French words are numbers 1-20.  These are some of the most important words you’ll need to know.One = UnTwo = DeuxThree = TroisFour = QuatreFive = CinqSix = Six (well, that one was easy!)Seven = SeptEight = HuitNine = NeufTen = DixWell, that’s one through ten.  Once you’ve got those down, I encourage you to move onto the next ten numbers:Eleven = OnzeTwelve = DouzeThirteen = TreizeFourteen = QuatorzeFifteen = QuinzeSixteen = SeizeSeventeen = Dix-SeptEighteen = Dix-HuitNineteen = Dix-NeufTwenty = VingtOne of the most important keys to success in learning beginner French is to listen to an audio CD program to help you maintain a flawless French accent.  Just knowing how to spell the words isn’t going to do you much good unless you can pronounce them accurately!  Source: Free Articles from

So are you ready to learn beginner French? Here at, you can learn about what I believe is the best program for learning French without having to spend a lot of money, invest hour upon hour of your precious time, or get frustrated in the learning process.  Adieur, and bonne chance learning beginner French!