Back Bay Restaurant for Chinese Food

let’s get real, I love my barbeque, Italian, Greek, American and all but
there’s something about Chinese food that gets me giddy. When I get that
General ‘ chicken craving I start looking for the best Chinese Back Bay
Restaurant to satisfy my stomach’s oriental desires. This is a personal
favorite; I think I order Chinese food at least twice a month.  I have tried many a different  high quality establishment and there are some
things that really stand out to me now. Chinese restaurants are a unique dining

            I prefer to order Chinese food and
set up my T.V dinner and down some Lo Mein, and Hot & Sour soup. If you are
going for the take out route there are some things you should consider before
you even decide what you want. First, do they deliver? And if they do how much
do they charge? How long is it going to take for them to get to you? Is there
an online menu? Can you get a good idea of what they offer in variety and
specials, along with their respective prices?

            Beyond those pre-order specifics, my
biggest concern is combos. Combos, combos, combos, Chinese food is all about
the combo. I get really disappointed when I want some late night movie time
Chinese food and they only do a lunch special. Be sure to make sure if you’re
ordering past 2:00 P.M that the restaurant has an all day special. These
specials usually run something along the lines of:  One entrée, choice of Lo Mein or rice (pork
fried or white) and two appetizers. Typical appetizer options include: boneless
spareribs crab Rangoon, chicken or beef teriyaki on a stick, eggrolls, or
chicken wings.

            These specials are the best. You can
usually get this sort of deal at most takeout Back Bay Restaurant options
for as little as $8, and at the most $12. The key thing to make sure of is the
portion size. Don’t let the cost scare you or fool you. At the high price you
will get more food than you bargained for and you will not be able to eat at
once. I love this, because cold Chinese food tastes amazing in the mornings.
It’s one of my absolute favorites, whether it is Schezuan chicken, or Gao’s or
spicy vegetables, there is something about the cold taste of Chinese sauces and
produce in the morning that makes me happy.

            Most dining inside a Chinese
Restaurant is usually similar to the food you get in the take out but the
presentation is much different. You eat plates of one type of food that is
exquisitely done and tastes phenomenal. However, because dining at a Chinese
restaurant limits you to one style plate, the best thing to do is go with
friends and order different plates. That’s how they operateScience Articles, and you get small
plates so you can share your food with each other. What do you look for when
choosing a Chinese Back Bay Restaurant?