6 Surefire Ways To Learning French This Year


If you want to learn French, then you got to take the right steps. Many English native speakers try to speak French, but many of them will quit without becoming fluent.Follow these tips and you should be able to speak French in less than one year. I mean that if you had to travel to France today, being left alone in Paris wouldn’t be an issue because you will be able to find your way and communicate.1. Learn all the essential French PhrasesThere are hundreds of common phrases (also called basics phrases) available in books or audio.Get an mp3 player, and listen to these sentences every single day. It’s really easy. When you are on your way to school or work, listen to these sentences.2. In House French ImmersionDon’t hesitate to listen to a lot of French. Get used to listen to the medias like news, and get a lot of reading materials like books and magazines.You can also find many French DVD’s on hundreds of subjects.3. French Conversation GroupsBe sure to participate to French conversation groups in your area. This will help you to speak regularly, and it will also boost your motivation since you will not be wondering why you are learning the French language.4. French TripsWhy not traveling to France? If you are Canadian, it’s even better. Just go to Quebec, and voila! You are surrounded by French speaking people.Be aware that some French expressions will differ than the original, However, this is more than enough to start practicing your French skills like crazy!5. French DictionaryBuy a good French/English – English/French dictionary like Hachette or Larousse. This is a must have for anyone serious about learning French.6. Get a French mateA very often overlooked step. Get a French mate. It doesn’t matter if he is French or Canadian or any other French speaking country. You need someone to speak to and to motivate you when you feel you want to quit.Follow these tips and you will learn French this year, and who know, we may even chat together.Source: Free Articles from ArticlesFactory.com

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