3 Hacks to Learn Canadian French Online

When you learn Canadian French online, you will discover
that there are tons of free resources available. Some of these are worth
looking into and others aren’t all that effective. There are also paid
programs. Some are worth the money and others are mostly marketing hype.

Whichever program or system you decide to use, here are
three free tricks to help you learn French online.

Go to translate.google.fr and type a sentence in French. How
does the translation look? Is it correct? Then it’s safe to assume that the
French version was correct.

I’ve discovered that Google translate can be very useful for
understanding grammar. Sure, it often gives totally idiotic and useless
translations, but not when the source sentence was correct!

Play with the original sentence. Tweak it and replace words,
and you’ll see how the translation changes. This is a great way to start
understanding the grammar of Canadian French.

Google translate also gives you an option to listen to a
word or a sentence. Just click the icon and you hear it spoken. The drawback is
that it’s at normal spoken speed, which is often too fast to learn

In the programs of Language101.com there
is a feature that plays the audio at normal speed and at slow speed. That means
you can really learn the right pronunciation, as easily as if you had a real
life teacher. Except the program has infinite patience, so you win twice.

Learn Without Doing Anything

I’m not joking, you can actually learn on autopilot. Of
course you will always have to do something to get results. But if you watch a
foreign movie with original audio and English subtitles, your brain will be
making connections and form understanding on it’s own. And you won’t have to
sit down and study for it, so it’s pretty automatic, I’d say. Great way to
learn, because you also learn about the culture, and not just the language.

So with these three tips, I hope you’ll improve your fun and
progress in your endeavors to learn French online.  Why not give our Free Demo a try? Start
learning Canadian French right now! It’s free 🙂